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Good Good

Well Yes Man
23 January
I hold myself in high butt. When I run I can't figure out what to butt with my hands. I have two or more butts to contribute to this butt. Me and you should be butt out buddies. I masturbate every night I can't butt. I recently met someone who will be there for a while. Nobody can replace her except Jesusina, that's the girl Jesus.

afternoons, animals, babes, babies, backs, baking, bastard sons, beans, bears, beets, bikes, books, bores, candy, cheese, children, clons, closes, cool highways, craig's dog, death, ducks, faces, fags, fagular intoxication, fans, fear, feelings, fine asses, flocks, gay feet, gay homoerotica, girls, hags, hands, hannah sometimes i guess, hearing, heart shaped gifts, heather, heather again, her vulva, herb, herbs, hick families, hocks, hold-ups, homoerotica, horses, hoses, hot shakes, jef, jet baby!!!, josh, kevin, kids, kloses, knobs, knocks, kool aid, kyle, lance vance's pants, lies in general, liquid faces, mark, masturbation, me, meat, meggo, men, money, moon, mostly just fame, my baby, my baby's sweet lies, my dickular area, night, no money, noses, not men, not this database class, oil, oooh my baby, orphans, pants, pee pee, peggy, pens, poo, poo poo, poop, poots, pp, racism for peggy, roses, rum, scallywags, science, shrubs, socks, stalking wanks, stars, stealing, steam, stoses, supermodels, talking banks, teeth, the bishop, the can-butt attitude, the goo, the moon, the other josh, the radio, the tube, the velvet underground, therapy, tim, tim 2, time bombs, tires, today, toes, tom, tots, water, weed, whores, windows, women, xoxo, you, z